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Hosting Events

Doesn´t matter what kind of event you have, wedding, bachelor party, birthday or so on, We work with dedicated professionals who are experts in givning the best day ever.

Sometimes guests come down to Cabo to have a special event such as an engagement party, bachelor party, anniversary, or a complete all-inclusive wedding. we help with everything. From decorating to catering you can count on us to lighten your burden.

Our Amenities

We focus on our client’s needs and wishes, therefore we provide a wide range of amenities to make your stay comfortable. Here follow some examples.

24/7 availibilty

No matter the hour, we are available for every need you or your guests may have. even if you are not in your Cabo home


Also our handyman is 24/7 available and is a certified A/C specialist who also fixes all minor other problems that might occur

Meet & Greet

All of our owners and guests we like to greet personally into their home unless they prefer otherwise. That way we make sure you settle in right

Let´s do something fun


A huge variety of activities for you to choose from, through the most beautiful bays with breath-taking landscapes – all these you can get with our concierge. We provide the most unique activities to diversify your vacation.

To do an activity all you need is to call your Host or concierge and to inform them about your wishes. For the rest, we will organize ourselves for your unforgettable trip!