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Spending Your Vacation In Cabo San Lucas

Why Vacation in Cabo

Since the early 1950´s people are choosing to spend their vacation in cabo. Back then Cabo San Lucas was just a sleeping fishers village. It only had 1 hotel! Since then a lot has changed. And now a vacation in cabo means something completely different. All though the mean activity has always been a good reason for people to spend their vacation in cabo.

What to do in Los Cabos

Los Cabos has since those early days gone through some changes. And has fastly upgraded. Since then a lot of new developments have been build. And with that more tourists and homeowners have find this little paradise on earth. And since the new and upcoming trend of renting out homes for vacationgoers, It is even more popular now. Now with that said, what is there actually to do on a vacation in cabo?

first and formost what people do when visiting cabo is take a trip to see it´s famous arch. This natural wonder sits proudly between the pacific oceand and sea of cortez. On your way there you discover different rockformations and caves plus see the rich sealife through the glass bottom boat. Right next to the arch you will see a group of sea lions resting on the rocks which gives for nice pictures.


Besides sightseeing, a fishing trip should be on your list when having your vacation in cabo. Even if you dont like to fish or never have fished before. And here is why:the trip on its own is already worth it. Especially the months from December to march you ride out before sunrise, see how the sun starts warming your face and you will be able to catch some extraordinary sights.

You will be able to see Whales jump out of the water, you can sail fish jump out as well. plus occasionally see some dolphins or even a sea turtle. Plus the experience to cathc a fish and wheel him in and then bring it to your home and let our chef prepare it right there and then. That is just magical and it can not be any more fresh!

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