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Property management, what does that mean exactly?

Property management means for most people a variety of things. But the basic understanding simply is we take care of your home and belongings while you aren´t available to do so. This includes for some simply going to your house and look at it. For others, it means to pay your bills and send maintenance guys to take care of anything that might be in need of replacement. But what is it exactly that we as HouseKey will be offering you.

Property Management – Our vision

We think property management is a very personal and serious task. You won´t let anybody simply hand over your keys to your home and let them do whatever they want. You need someone you can trust. And we thrive thanks to people that placed their trust in us. So every house we manage we treat it as it is our own home. And we take full personal care of it. We know and realize what it means to you to leave your home in the hands of strangers. Therefore we do our utmost to make sure you know everything there is to know about Housekey and how we work and operate.

We work fully transparent. What we mean when we say this is the following. We only charge for the work we do. so you pay a monthly rate that is lower than the average property manager. That means you only pay for the administrative costs like taking care of your bills. Then when maintenance is required you only pay for what has been done. No hidden fees or a standard high fee that includes maintenance. We know maintenance can´t be a fixed fee every month. sometimes you have more, but most of the time you have less work. Especially if you work with a good team like ours you will have less maintenance.

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